The courses offered by CEDUS provide entrepreneurial knowledge for a successful startup with contributions on the foundation and management of new companies. Various formats are offered for this, which are certified upon successful participation. The following certificates are issued by CEDUS:


CEDUS awards a participation certificate for participation in individual workshops or at the CEDUS Startup Academy. This includes the title of the event attended as well as a content description of the contents of the workshop.

CEDUS startup certificate

CEDUS startup certificate is awarded to participants who have made extensive use of the founding teaching program of CEDUS and have dealt in depth with the founding topic. At least the participation in the following events of the CEDUS teaching program is necessary for the acquisition of the foundation certificate:

1. Successful participation in four different workshops

2. Successful participation in the Startup Academy or the Startup Academy Summer School

3. Successful participation in the initial consultation by a CEDUS start-up consultant

The certificates can be applied for after successful participation in the components at CEDUS (cedus(at)hhu.de). For this, the individual workshop certificates must be submitted. 




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