Startup Academy

The Startup Academy affords you the opportunity to examine all aspects of launching your own business with the support of various experts. You will be guided through ​​the first steps of starting a business up to the final presentation of your startup project.

  • The workshops of the Startup Academy are held mainly in German. The basic workshops are held in English (Ideation & Business modelling).
  • No prerequisites for participation
  • Participants will receive a certificate of participation
  • Free participation in the entire Startup Academ or in individual workshops
  • Registrations not available yet


Expected in March 2019


Heinrich Heine University (Building 24.31, Oeconomicum)


Not available yet


undefinedComplete program of the past Summer School (in German)

undefinedEnglish-language workshops of the Summer School


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Natalie Brüne M.A.

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