Startup Werkstatt

In this seminar, students become founders. Based on their own ideas, student teams learn to start a new business in practical steps. On the basis of market, customer requirement and competition analyzes, students develop their own product over the semester, which they test by designing a suitable marketing strategy on customers. At the end of the seminar, students try to convince relevant stakeholders of their company through an investor pitch.



MW51: Praxisseminar Unternehmensgründung (Startup Werkstatt)


01.04.2019 (SS 2019)


Monday: 12.30-14.00

Thursday: 14.30-16.00


Monday: Room 2 (Oeconomicum)

Thursday: Room 5 (Oeconomicum)


undefinedApplication formular

Application period

16.01.2019 - 15.03.2019


Can participate in this course:

  • Master students of Business Administration, Economics and Business Chemistry
  • Students of other disciplines within the framework of Studium Universale


Contents of this event are:

  • Founding of a new company in teams
  • Creation of market, customer requirements and competition analyzes
  • Presentation of the business idea to external investors
  • Own founding ideas are desired, but not a requirement for participating in the course 

Module description

undefinedStudium Universale; undefinedMaster BWL, VWL Wirtschaftschemie and KuK


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