Subsidies for founders

The undefinedEXIST subsidy supports students, graduates and scientists from universities and non-university research institutions who would like to turn their founding idea into a business plan.

  • The EXIST Gründerstipendium program promotes ambitious innovative start-up projects in the early stages. Founders from universities are supported in the conception of a business plan for their founding idea.

    It should be about

    • innovative technology-oriented start-up projects or innovative
    • knowledge-based services based on scientific evidence.

    The maximum funding period is one year.

  • With EXIST research transfer, particularly technologically complex start-up projects are promoted, that means outstanding research-based start-up projects that involve risky development work. 

    The program consists of 2 phases:

    • Phase I: Development work to demonstrate technological feasibility, development of prototypes, preparation of the business plan and founding of the company.
    • Phase II: Further development work until marketability and commencement of business activities as well as creation of the conditions for external follow-up financing.

Gründungsoffensive Biotechnologie GO-Bio
  • With the biotechnology start-up initiative, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds start-up research teams with a life science orientation. The funded working groups will use GO-Bio to pursue new research approaches in life sciences and to prepare their commercial exploitation in a targeted manner.

    The selection and decision-making process is two-tiered:

    • First, the applicants will present project drafts in German or English for the respective submission deadline.
    • In a second stage of the procedure, the selected candidates are invited to submit a formal application.

Start-up Transfer.NRW
  • The Start-up Transfer.NRW program is aimed at all start-up teams from a North Rhine-Westphalian university or third-party academic institution with a start-up project in the field of technological, business or social innovation.

    Funding can be provided for the following projects:

    • Personnel lump sums for additional personnel assigned directly to the project in the applicant universities or third-party academic institutions as well as general expenses
    • Project-specific material expenses
    • Investments and expenses for third-party services




FAQ EXIST Funding Programs

There are answers to frequently asked questions concerning the two funding lines EXIST Gründerstipendium and EXIST Forschungstransfer. Please click on the corresponding FAQ and then on your question.

 undefinedFAQ EXIST Förderprogramme


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