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Our concept to support innovative technology and knowledge-based start-ups is already showing clear results.

On this page we would like to introduce you to the previous start-up projects and spin-offs of members of the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf.


Founding year 2018

Computer Science


LuxuryLeasing is a platform with attractive leasing offers for luxury vehicles. LuxuryLeasing combines high-quality vehicles with background information, innovations and lifestyle.



Physical Biology


attyloid offers technology for the ultrasensitive quantitation of protein particles. 






Through Predeo, nurses can get individual job opportunities, compare salaries, and find the job they want. The goal of Predeo is to achieve more transparency in the care of the elderly and to respond to the needs of nurses and care facilities.



Humanities & Economics


Phronete is a private institute for philosophy and economics, in which humanities research is to be opened up for topics from the economy and the prestige of humanities related to business should be promoted.



Social studies

Researching Plus

Researching Plus is a is a knowledge and communication service that supports the organization and planning of research projects, excursions and study trips in Germany and Japan.



Founding year 2017

Natural Sciences


NUMAFERM offers an innovative technology that allows industrial production of peptides to be more cost-effective and yield higher than previous solutions. 




agile education

agile education brings agile methods from software development to classrooms in schools.





Priavoid is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel therapeutic approaches for people with central nervous system disorders.



Computer Science


StriveCDN is a high-tech startup in the live streaming industry. The team has set itself the goal of properly awakening all existing players in the market through innovative, disruptive technology. By means of their technology, viewers with common strength provide for a stable, high-quality data transmission and save for the provider so up to 90% of the traffic - completely device and software independent! Go live with strive!





friendsome is the alternative online contact platform: users can register not only themselves, but above all also friends, family or acquaintances and go looking for contacts for them. Even in the "real" life, friendsome helps to make contacts and organizes introductory events.





pumpin panda

pumpin panda is the perfect chocolate for athletes and health conscious people. With over 20% protein, chocolate bars help build muscle, make you more satisfied and help you regenerate after exercise. By eliminating refined sugar and the healthier use of coconut blossom sugar, the blood sugar level is kept stable, thus preventing the usual energy low after snacking.



Mabs4.0 GmbH

Mabs4.0 Deutschland GmbH is an independent consulting and IT service provider, with a focus on the digital transformation of products, business processes, Business models and the holistic solution implementation.


Founding year 2016



Deluwak UG

Deluwak UG operates under the brands focus.FM and dabego.


focus.FM offers binaural audio treatments to enhance your concentration, sleep and relaxation. All audio treatments offered at focus.FM are tested with the help of their own electroencephalograph (EEG) and thus the neurological effectiveness is verified. focus.FM is available both as an online platform and as a smartphone app for Android and iOS.




Dabego shows the average waiting time for applications. The data are based on past experience reports, from which the average and thus the average waiting time from application dispatch to answer support for different companies is shown. In addition, valuable information regarding company-specific application processes is deposited.




Meerwasser Hardware UG

Meerwasser Hardware is a premium supplier of dry aquarium products with a focus on technology for seawater systems. Through a highly selected assortment, the customer should be offered only the best in the industry in order to shorten his search times and increase satisfaction.






Bookstracts UG

Bookstracts is a platform for reference books (* Books *) in compressed form (* abstracts *) where students can offer or download their summaries for money. They earn with their scripts, which they create anyway for themselves, every month with every download - for free. These summaries allow other students to prepare for the exam efficiently to effectively counteract the ever-increasing time and pressure of study.







Clickfood GmbH

Clickfood GmbH develops and sells various systems for catering companies. On the one hand apps and websites are developed, on the other hand programs are created in the areas of delivery services, online reservation and table management.


Furthermore, it should be exploited that there are new regulations for cash register systems in the catering sector, which will lead to changes in the cash register system in many companies.




Material Sciences

FES Sensor Technology

FES Sensor Technology develops and markets innovative gas sensor technologies. These gas sensors can detect dangerous explosive or toxic and other relevant air constituents, such as Hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and moisture. 







Drink Food is a full-bodied, certified organic food shake made from ground organic fruit and vegetables that contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Trinkkost is the filling meal for several hours in bottle form.



Founding year 2015



Research into numerous serious diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's or Type 2 diabetes, relies on high purity samples of the amyloid proteins and peptides involved.


Due to their harmful effect on the producing organism, these are often very difficult to produce recombinantly.


The innovative system developed on the basis of many years of structural biological experience by Isoloid GmbH, a spin-off of the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf and the Research Center Jülich, supplies high-purity samples for laboratories.



German Studies / Philosophy


Sprechtopia is aimed at anyone who wants to work on their appearance and communicative skills. On the basis of speech-scientific and speaker-educational methods, each training is adjusted to the needs of the customer.





intumind offers the intueat 12-week program, with which you can get back an intuitively correct eating behavior and thus achieve your own well-being weight without giving up. The program is based on mental training sessions complemented by PDF lessons.





RheinCell Therapeutics (RCT) operates laboratories for the storage of umbilical cord blood preparations. The company's primary goal is to provide universally and rapidly deployable cell products in the field of cancer immuno-oncology.




Media and Cultural Studies


DOYOBI specializes in the production and distribution of Matchaty, a new ice tea with Japanese Matcha green tea. Matchati is caffeinated and consists of Matcha and directly pressed organic fruit juices.




Media and Cultural Studies 

The Fancy Lifestyle

In their blog "The Fancy Lifestyle", two fashion-conscious bloggers report daily about personal fashion trends, the latest hot spots from the international fashion world, press conferences, fancy events and experiences with beauty products.




Social Studies


campusrookies.de is the job market for humanities scient in the fields of media, communication and business. The professional team attaches great importance to job qualifying positions and thus supports young graduates entering the job market.



Founding year 2014




richtiggutbewerben.de is a professional online application service that helps applicants to optimize an existing application or to create completely new application documents.





Social Studies

FM Online Factory

FM Online Factory is the first online store for radio content. FM Online Factory specializes in digital life. The offer includes radio broadcasts, videos, comedy and network news for German-speaking radio stations.




Economics /Law

German Education Partners

German Education Partners (GEP) advises, provides and supervises Chinese students during their training in Germany with a comprehensive full-service package.



Economics/ Computer Science


telepano produces professional and high quality 360 degree panoramas. Specialized technology enables a virtual tour of various locations, such as business premises, shops and outdoor areas.





shoutout agentur für virales marketing

Shoutout is one of the first social media agencies to focus on Instagram marketing, as well as extending the network via Xing, Snapchat and Facebook channels.




Social Studies


The Suncrafter is a mobile solar charging station for your big events. Regardless of the weather, it supplies up to 1200 smartphones and other electrical appliances per day with new electricity - without noise and emissions.


Founding year 2013


Media and Cultural Studies

Paint The Town GbR

Paint the Town Studios is a team of two videographers who design and produce image films, music videos, short films, event films, product films or wedding films.




Volunteer World GmbH

Volunteers can find volunteer programs, compare and book directly on the Internet platform. Social projects can advertise on the platform volunteer programs and address a variety of volunteers around the world.




Tellbird GmbH

Tellbird brings word of mouth Marketing into the 21st Century: The electronic customers-advertise-customers platform incentivizes recommendations for products and services from local suppliers. 




TunaTech GmbH

TunaTech is a spin-off from the Institute of Metabolism, Ecophysiology group. The company focuses on the offspring of demanding fish species such as the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna.





be bananas UG

The object of "be bananas UG" is the distribution of banana bread, an Australian specialty, in Germany.




DICE-Consult GmbH

The services of DICE-Consult GmbH includes the consulting of public and private institutions, companies and persons in competitive and regulatory economic areas.


Founding year 2012


German studies

Sprechreif Institut für Stimme und Persönlichkeit

The institute offers both classic speech training as well as rethoric coaching and personality training form a single source. The focus of the institute lies in the areas of speech and conversation rethoric, voice, speech art and voice health.




.05 Statistikberatung

The team of .05 Statistikberatung, consisting of experimental psychologists, provides professional support in the planning and evaluation of empirical studies and also conducts courses for data analysis with SPSS.


Founding year 2011



Fischer & Bettermann PartG

Raman-Spektroskopie is a non-contact analysis method for structure elucidation and material characterizaton. Almost universally applicable, this provides a basis for the solution of industrial issues, such as in quality control, process control and process optimization.




Epivios GmbH

Epivios devleops test methods that enable an early and more accurate diagnosis of cancer using a simple urine or blood sample. To this end, the company is taking advantage of the epigenetic changes in the DNA, which is an early event of carcinogenesis.



Computer science

Formal Mind GmbH

Founded form the institute of Computer Science, Formal Mind develops innovative products and customized services in the field of software engineering and IT-based system development which are used in the automotive sector and in passenger transport.


Founding year before 2011



Autodisplay Biotech GmbH

The pharmacy spin-off focuses on auto-display technology, which enables the cost-effective development and manufacture of biocatalysts, pharmaceutical proteins and drugs.




Düsseldorf University Press GmbH

The publishing house aims to publish research results from different disciplines of Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf and other universities in a timely and cost-effective manner.




Citavi is a program for literature administration and management with citations, keyword and site administration. Predecessor was the program LiteRat, which was developed at the HHU.



Evocatal GmbH

Evocatal specializes in enzyme technology and combines "evolution" with "catalysis" to develop tailor-made processes for the production of fine chemicals with the help of biocatalysts.




multiBIND GmbH

multiBIND is involved in the development of technologies, patents and products for molecular genetics and biomedicine. The main focus of multiBIND is the cross-section technology bioDECONT® with innovative solutions for biological decontamination and disinfection. 




ODB-Tec GmbH

ODB-Tec is a development and service company for near-market applications of nanotechnology. The products cover a wide range of applications - from the construction industry, through energy generation in large-scale plants, to the solar energy supply of private homes. 




Düsseldorf Business School GmbH

The Düsseldorf Business School is a public-private partnership of the Heinrich-Heine-University and the Dusseldorf economy. The further education offer of the Düsseldorf Business School is aimed at those who have already completed a university degree and want to deepen their economic and management skills according to international standards. 



Technology transfer

Ensymm UG & Co. KG

The company ensymm is a project consultancy in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry and food technology. ensymm offers technology transfer, project management and consulting for companies, government organizations, private investors and universities. 




Spinal Cord Therapeutics GmbH

SCT Spinal Cord Therapeutics GmbH is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the treatment of central nervous system injuries that promote regeneration of injured nerves. 




X-Zyme GmbH

X-Zyme develops and produces innovative enzymes and chiral intermediates. Its product portfolio includes extensive enzyme libraries, color tag protein (CTP) technology and a range of enantiomerically pure products. 




Alpha-Biocare GmbH

Alpha-Biocare GmbH deals with diagnostics, prevention and therapy of parasitosis in humans and animals. 




Sunbird TV

Biotainment specialists Sunbird TV arranges science communication with entertainment. For this purpose, the company offers the creation of topics and stories as well as the production and visualization of current and classical questions in biology. 



Life Science services

Capsid GmbH

As a service provider in the field of "Sciences", Capsid offers a broad product portfolio for the natural and engineering sciences, the fields of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy, medical research and process engineering. Capsid manages the career platform jobvector - the science career center for scientists and technicians.




Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH

Profil is an internationally recognized research institute for clinical trials in the field of diabetes mellitus. In collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, clinical trials are being conducted to develop and test new drugs, drugs and products in the area of ​​diabetes and metabolic diseases. 




Sirah Laser- und Plasmatechnik GmbH

Sirah Laser- und Plasmatechnik GmbH is a medium-sized company that develops, produces and sells laser systems for science and research.




IIK Düsseldorf e.V.

The IIK Dusseldorf is a non-profit education provider. The offer of the IIK includes advanced training on topics such as communication / rhetoric, personnel development / management training, intercultural training and education marketing as well as training for trainers and teachers.




Rhein Biotech GmbH

Rhein Biotech is an operationally independent product developer in the field of biopharmaceuticals, from research / development to marketability with a focus on vaccines. Rhein Biotechs uses its own technology platform for the efficient production of recombinant proteins and is part of the group of Dynavax Technologies Corporation, Berkeley, USA. 




Qiagen GmbH

QIAGEN is a world leader in the development and manufacture of innovative technologies and products for pre-analytical sample preparation and molecular biology testing for life sicnece research, applied testing and molecular diagnostics. 




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