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Startup Sprint

We'll help you turn an idea into your startup in one weekend.

The Startup Sprint feels like the first months of a startup, but in fast forward. The ideal introduction to the Startup Week. Be there!

With or without an idea for your own business - it doesn't matter!

If you want to start your own business or just want to try it out, Startup Sprint is the right place for you! You will find co-founders and develop a sustainable business model together with coaches, which you will present to a prominent jury on the last day.

The Sprint combines hackathon, idea barcamp, matching platform and startup contest. You will work together on your projects in an inspiring atmosphere, and the organizers will provide refreshments.

On Friday, some of you will present your ideas. Together you will select the ten best ideas. Then you will form teams to work on these ideas on Saturday. Mentors and coaches will be on hand the whole time to clarify the details. On Sunday afternoon, the pitches will be made in front of the jury and a large audience - almost like on "Die Höhle der Löwen" - and, of course, the winners will be honored.

THE Katapult GbR

The Startup Sprint Orga Team is a group of startup enthusiasts, all with fixed jobs close to or in the middle of the startup ecosystem. They organize the Sprint non-profit in their spare time - for you and especially for YOU!

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