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CEDUS meets Startup Week Düsseldorf

Review 2021

One week. 120 events. 115 organizers.

At Startup Week Düsseldorf, visionaries meet corporates, lone fighters meet strong teams, founders meet business angels and beginners meet experts. You get a direct insight into the Düsseldorf startup scene, learn why trends will continue to come from Düsseldorf in the future, and have the opportunity to learn so much that you can simply focus on founding or your startup until the end of the year. In 2021, many of the events were hybrid (analog + digital) or even purely digital.

Of course, we were there again with our "Einfach machen - Karriere: Selbstständigkeit" format. And we are already in the middle of planning for next year - let us surprise you!

Just do it - Career: Self-employment

There are many good reasons for self-employment! Two Düsseldorf visionaries talk about their experiences, challenges and moments of happiness from their everyday life as founders.

You are thinking about founding a company, but don't know how and where to start? Or you have just started a business and would like to get tips from experienced founding professionals? Then cozy up in front of the screen with a remote beverage of your choice and get inspired and informed about what to expect from the career option of self-employment.

We talk about it with Matthias Rombey, founder of Yomaro, and Benjamin Dammertz, founder of B2B startup Foxbase.

We bring together successful founders and potential founders, students and founders and ensure an informal exchange. With us, you will gain insights into the everyday life of a startup as well as into a classic business startup and benefit from first-hand suggestions, impulses and startup knowledge. With our offer we would like to promote entrepreneurial thinking and acting at an early stage and look forward to getting to know new ideas and the talents of tomorrow.

We have, of course, planned time for questions and networking afterwards. To ensure an optimal exchange at our digital meeting, the number of participants is limited to 30.


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