HHU Ideas Competition

The HHU Ideas Competition aims to identify and promote creative and promising business ideas. HHU students, graduates, scientists and employees at HHU, its institutes and UKD can use their creative potential to realize their own ideas and personal future projects.

The HHU Ideas Competition has been held annually since 2012.

HHU Ideas Competition 2020 - key deadlines

April 1st, 2020:  Beginning of the competitions
May 31st, 2020: Closing date
July, 9th, 2020:  Award ceremony

Categories and prize

Category I: Ideas from students

Category II: Ideas from scientists, graduates, staff and mixed teams

1. Price per category: 800 € for material expenses*
2. Price per category: 500 € for material expenses*
3. Price per category: 300 € for material expenses*

*The funds can be earmarked for start-up-related expenses and are awarded in both categories. Further information can be found in the guide

ON TOP: free pitch training for the award ceremony


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