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Startup Service

Time to found!

Do you have an initial idea for a start-up or would you like to know how we here at HHU can support you on your way to self-employment or your own start-up? The CEDUS team accompanies you and your project right from the start and shows you the way to the right support for your business start-up.

We help you to classify your business idea by creating a first rough business plan through a Business Model Canvas. The results of this will then be used to provide advice on funding programs or refer you to our CEDUS network of experts.


Prospective founders can inform themselves about the steps of a startup in a first meeting and discuss the further course of the startup process with the CEDUS team.

Due to the ongoing Corona protection measures, we continue to offer our consulting services by telephone or video conference. To schedule an appointment with our consultants, simply send an email to:


Do you have an idea for a startup and would like some quick feedback? Every two weeks you can sign up for a 15-minute slot in our speedback session and exchange ideas with our startup advisors. Secure your appointment here !

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