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CEDUS Startup Academy

Summer School 2022

In 4 days from the idea to the Business model - that's what's behind this year's Startup Academy at CEDUS. From from October 4th to 7th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm you will have the chance to focused and with a lot of support and knowhow of other participants and coaches and coaches to work on existing or completely new new ideas and to develop them further! With important tools, tips and and tricks we will knit together an idea an idea into a business and with a and with a full toolbox of methods, you can then take big steps towards your own your own startup.

  • The workshops of the Startup Academy will be held in German!
  • Free participation in the entire Startup Academy or in individual workshops
  • No prerequisites for participation
  • Participants receive a certificate of participation afterwards
  • Important note: The workshops of the Startup Academy 2022 build on each other.  Please note all 4 dates and register for participation via Eventbrite.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Agenda and course content

Tuesday, 04 October 2022

On day 1, we start with an introduction to entrepreneurship and lean impact, look at aspects of personal motivation as well as societal challenges and deal with the holistic understanding of problems. Finally, at the end of the day, first formulations on entrepreneurial business ideas exist.


Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Day 2 continues with fleshing out the first draft idea from the previous day and identifying assumptions that need to be tested. For this purpose, you will get an input into qualitative validation and conduct interviews with potential customers on your own.


Thursday, 06 October 2022

On day 3, the focus of the further development of your idea, besides quantitative validations, is to develop a first prototype and a so-called Minimum Viable Product and to take a look at the social impact of your business model.


Friday, 07 October 2022

On day 4, we will continue to work on the idea, before you get some input on storytelling and pitches, before you finally get to present your idea yourself.


About the referent Manuel Müller

With MAK3it GmbH, Manu is a consultant and coach in the field of social entrepreneurship & innovation for sustainable and responsible entrepreneurship and supports organizations, established companies, as well as founders and startups on the path of sustainable transformation. He lectures on innovation methods such as Lean Startup & Lean Impact combined with the latest findings of sustainability research.  He encourages people to solve social challenges of our time creatively and innovatively.

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