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Campus Calling - Time to found!

That's the motto of our podcast, where you can learn everything about founding a company, self-employment and startups. At regular intervals, we talk to our guests about topics from the startup world in order to give our listeners first-hand impressions and impulses. Experts from specific fields as well as founders from the scene have their say. In this way, we would like to provide an easy introduction to the subject area and show potential founders what to consider, where possible hurdles are hidden and how to overcome them!

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Have fun listening!

#007 Dr. Alice Martin

about their foundation(s) and founding with the partner!

Dr. Alice Martin is co-founder of dermanostic, a digital dermatology app, and MEDILOGIN, an online platform with online courses for doctors, medical students and medical nurses. She tells us about her two start-ups, their differences and what it's like to start a business with your partner. You can also find out what role CEDUS played in the founding, how important marketing is for dermanostic and what is planned for 2022 in the field of AI.

#006 Our new office

about workspaces and working environments!

In this episode, we want to take you to our new premises after our holiday and moving break and talk about trends, our personal demands and questions around the topic of workspace and work routines. Perhaps the topic will sooner or later become relevant for your own premises or you will simply consciously think about what is important to you at work - be it in your job, in your own project or even when learning.

#005 Isabell Nethke

about female founders & the benefits of consulting services!

Isabell Nethke is one of the founders of influenced by, an online store for second-hand clothing from influencers. In this interview with Isabell, you will learn why she and her co-founder Sofia did not continue their business in the end and why they did not see being female founders as a hurdle. Isabell also explains what you should consider before founding a company and how helpful it was for her to get advice from other sources.

#004 Eugenia Gagin

about female founders and networking!

Eugenia Gagin is co-founder of DENTALHELD, a comparison portal for dental materials. In this episode, learn why networking is her top priority, why you should talk about your idea as early as possible, and what role the topic of Female Founders plays for her.

#003 Matthias Rombey

about his beginnings as a founder!

Matthias Rombey is the founder of YOMARO. A native of Düsseldorf, he opened his first frozen yogurt store right there and now even has locations in Luxembourg. In this episode you'll learn about his beginnings with YOMARO, how he accumulated his capital and found his co-founder.

#002 Georgis Tesfamariam

about his path to independence!

Georgis Tesfamariam is Managing Partner at Contio GmbH and Agile & Innovation Coach. In our conversation with him, we not only get important professional insights, but also some private info and we learn why he would advise the "young Georgis" to loosen up.

#001 And you are?

The (CEDUS-)team by your side!

In our first episode, we would like to briefly introduce ourselves. You'll learn who we are, where we come from and what kind of founding background we have. You'll get deeper insights and more detailed information in the upcoming episodes!

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