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HHU Ideas Competition

You have an idea that won't let you go? An idea that you are convinced of and want to convince others? Maybe an innovative new product or service? Then take the first step now and submit it to the HHU Ideas Competition!

The best submissions have the chance to win prizes worth up to 1.000 euros! And in addition, the HCSD will award a prize for the most sustainable idea for the first time this year.

What ideas are we looking for?

We are looking for ideas and solutions that you have come across in your studies, research or everyday life. This means that the idea can still be in its infancy and does not need to be ready for the market.

You have to answer the following 3 or 4 questions in the entry form:

  1. Which problem do you address with your idea and for whom does this problem exist?
  2. Please describe your idea and briefly explain how it (partially) solves the problem?
  3.  Are there already solutions to the problem you describe on the market? If yes, what makes your idea different from existing solutions?

+ Additional question to qualify you for the HCSD special sustainability award.


There is to win!

We award in two categories: Students and Researchers. And three prizes* will be awarded in each of the two categories:

*PLEASE NOTE: unfortunately we can not pay cash, but you submit us an invoice, we can settle it.

As every year, a competent jury will determine the best submissions primarily with regard to the following criteria:

From the jury's point of view, how likely is it that the idea can be realised in principle? Your personal connection to the idea and corresponding expertise in the field can be helpful here. Also of interest are legal circumstances that support or oppose the project.

There should be a certain level of innovation. Accordingly, it is beneficial if the jury members have perhaps not yet heard of the submitted solution. Or it may be an existing solution that has been rethought and perhaps placed in a different context.

How big or severe is the identified problem actually? How many people or companies does this problem affect and how often do they face this problem. What difference does the submitted idea make?

Sustainability Special Award (HCSD)

This year, for the first time, the Heine-Center for Sustainable Development (HCSD) will award a special prize for sustainability. As an institutional unit of the university, the HCSD is responsible for the development of sustainable development goals in the areas of diversity, environment and health until their implementation. To win... you will find out at the award ceremony on July 13th!


Claudia Bethke

Here's how the ideas competition works


Individuals or teams may participate. However, at least one person must be a member of HHU. HHU members include students, scientists, employees and alumni.

Sure, that's possible. Just fill out the form (link). We'll take care of the rest behind the scenes and sort your submission into the appropriate category based on the idea and your background.

The ideas submitted will not be passed on to third parties. During the evaluation by external jurors, all jurors agree to sign a confidentiality agreement. After the end of the ideas competition, all submitted ideas will be deleted. If you are considering patenting your idea, please contact us directly!

If at least one team member belongs to HHU or UKD, the (entire) team may participate in the competition.

Unfortunately not, because at the time of the idea submission the idea may not yet be commercially exploited. However, please contact us in this case and we will see what interesting opportunities or competitions there are for you outside of the ideas competition.

No, there are no costs associated with participating in the HHU Ideas Competition.

If your idea is among the TOP 3, you will be part of the award ceremony with your submission and present your idea to the audience. Maybe you can even secure the audience award with your pitch. But don't worry: On July 7th, there will be a free pitch training session especially for this purpose.

Yes, this page (and the forms) are even available in English.

Unfortunately, we can't just transfer it to you. But we can pay you the bill. E.g. for an IPad, consulting services etc. Just talk to us about it!

Past HHU Ideas Competitions

Winning teams from 2022

1st place
Cobra-Care: Daniel Wasim Djamriani
The inventor has developed a cream that could be a real game changer, especially for athletes whose skin on the hands is under a lot of stress, e.g. from climbing.

2nd place
Stegis: Lena Müller and Lucas Gülcan
Stegis offers a sedum cassette for the windowsill in which plants can grow, without much effort or green thumb. This helps green cities, gives insects a home and protects the climate.

3rd place
BioTechKollagen: Florian Hänsel
The idea is to offer an alternative to the established collagen fibers that can be used, for example, to string sports equipment and that are also used in the cosmetics and food industries.


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