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HHU Ideas Competition

Whether it's a problem solution or a business model, everything starts with an idea - and in the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf's ideas competition, we're looking for just such an idea. Do you already have initial ideas on sticky notes on the wall, a first draft on a beer mat or maybe your idea only exists in your head? It doesn't matter, because now you have the chance to bring your idea to light and test its potential for further development. Throughout the competition, we will be happy to support you with tips and suggestions!

It's that time again!

The HHU ideas competition is going into the next round.

This time we are looking for:

Category 1: exciting ideas from the fields of environment, social and creative

  • Environment: In this category, we are looking for ideas that have a positive impact on our environment (e.g. applications that encourage people to save electricity in a playful way or new pricing models for public transport).
  • Social: In this category, we are looking for ideas that have a positive influence on our society (e.g. a local platform for the homeless or an app that makes it easier to find free parking spaces).
  • Creative: In this section you can let your creativity run free. For example, how about a new design for glasses frames or pizza balls as a new street food?

Category 2: startup ideas from which viable business models can be developed

Who can participate?

  • Students, graduates, scientists  and employees of HHU, the affiliated institutes and the University Hospital Düsseldorf.
  • Former members of HHU (prerequisite: successful completion
    of studies at HHU, e. g. Bachelor's/Master's degree, state examination, doctorate or habilitation)

You can apply as an individual or as part of a team.

What can I win?

Category 1: Three canteen vouchers worth €100
each for the first-place winners in the Social, Environment
and Creative categories.

Category 2: €800 (1st place), €500 (2nd place) and €300 (3rd place)

The prize money can be used for the further development of your business idea.

What else do I need to know?

  • Simultaneous application to the HHU Ideas Competition and the GFFU Startup Competition is not permitted.
  • The first-placed business ideas (category 2) can still secure the audience award at the award ceremony - a free pitch training session will take place beforehand.
  • Of course we treat all submissions confidentially.


Thomas van den Boom
+49 211 81-10307
Isabell Nethke
+49 211 81-11643

HHU Ideas Competition - our jury 2022 in category II

Creative minds in 2021 were found!

The HHU Ideas Competition 2021 is over and great weeks are behind us - with exciting ideas and committed teams!

Many thanks to everyone who participated and submitted their idea sketches! Many thanks to the jury, who read all the ideas and evaluated them to the best of their knowledge and belief, and many thanks to the terrific technical team and the moderation of Jules Banning , who made the award ceremony a very special highlight!

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